Executive Management

Administration Division
Mr. Khamsaveng SILISACK Acting Chief Division
Mr. Khampeuang CHANTHALA Deputy Chief Division
Mr. Kitthikone MAHOLEE Deputy Chief Division
Internal Audit Division
Mrs. Vilayphet LUANGAPHAI Chief Division
Mr. Somvang SOUNTHALA Deputy Chief Division
Mr. Phouthone PHOMMASENG Deputy Chief Division
Accounting and Servicing Division
Mr. Viengnakhone KHATOUMPHOM Chief Division
Mrs. Kanha PHOMMAHAXAY Deputy Chief Division
Human Resources Division
Mr. Oula THONNAVONGSA Chief Division
Mrs. Bounlome SINTHAVONG Deputy Chief Division
Credit Division
Mr.Bounyou MUEANGMAHAVONG Chief Division
Mr. Somphet SISOPHAR Deputy Chief Division
Information and technology Division
Mr. Buavanh PHOMMAVONGSA Chief Division
Mr. Xaybanthone PIMMASONE Deputy Chief Division
Mrs. Lathana SOUPHAPHAN Deputy Chief Division
Vientiane Capital Branch
Mr. Khampheurn VISISOMBATH Branch Manager
Mrs.Lakmani LATANASOUK Deputy Branch Manager
Mr.Phoungphan KHAMSOMPHOU Deputy Branch Manager
Phongsaly Branch
Mr.Khambouk DAOCHOMEPHET Branch Manager
Deputy Branch Manager
Luangnumtha Branch
Mr. Phonexay THAMMAVONG Acting Branch Manager
Mr. Anoumat PHANTHAVONG Deputy Branch Manager
Oudomxay Branch
Mr. Inpone KOMVICHIT Branch Manager
Mr. Viengxay KEOSALY Deputy Branch Manager
Bokeo Branch
Mr.Champi HEUANGTHAVONG Acting Branch Manager
Mr. Sorpasert THANITTHA Deputy Branch Manager
Huaphan Branch
Mr.Southa FARSANAKHAM Branch Manager
Mr. Dethoudome DOUNGTHANOUSONE Deputy Branch Manager
Louangprabang Branch
Mr.Somsanit PHANTHASIT Acting Branch Manager
Mr. PHengphachanh HEUANAVONGSA Deputy Branch Manager
Xayabouly Branch
Mr.Banhdit SENGDAVONG Branch Manager
Mr. Anousone PHANSELEI Deputy Branch Manager
Xiengkhoung Branch
Mr. Koutsarath KHAMSOMBOUN Acting Branch Manager
Mrs. Daosavanh PHANTHALAVONG Deputy Branch Manager
Vientiane Province Branch
Mr.Khampoung PHAOBUAVONG Branch Manager
Mr. Anoumath PHANTHAVONG Deputy Branch Manager
Mr. Souvanxay CHANGCHANDALA Deputy Branch Manager
Bolikhamxay Branch
Mr.Bountheung CHAMTHAVONG Branch Manager
Mr.Siphone KEOPASERT Deputy Branch Manager
Khammoung Branch
Mr.Bounorm INTHAVONGSA Branch Manager
Mr. Khetmany DOUNGVILAY Deputy Branch Manager
Savannakhet Branch
Mr.Inphan XAYAPANYA Branch Manager
Mr.Phouthasin SIMOUNG Deputy Branch Manager
Champasak Branch
Mr. Phimmavanh SINGSATHIT Acting Branch Manager
Deputy Branch Manager
Saravan Branch
Mr.Banhdith VONGXAY Acting Branch Manager
Mr.Boun ANOUSACK Deputy Branch Manager
Atapue Branch
Mr.Sisavate PHOTHISALATH Acting Branch Manager
Mr Seevixay SORSALAPHOUM Deputy Branch Manager
Xekong Branch
Mr. Sinook BOUTSINGTHANG Acting Branch Manager
Mr. Soukthavy SENAPHAN Deputy Branch Manager
Currency Buying Selling
USD 9.264 9.281
THB 325,65 328,00
CNY 1.405 1.427
EUR 11.000 11.057
VND 0,3969 0,4048
Date: 27-11-2020 More detail »

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ATM Location

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