Bill Payment

Phone and Internet Payments:

  • Customers must notify phone number and when will making their payment.
  • electricity and water supply payments:

  • Electricity payments: Customers must bring invoice with every payment.
  • Water supply payments: Customers must bring their Water supply bill at checkout or the water utility number can be paid.
  • Tax and Taxes payment can be paid in two ways:

  • 1. On SMART TAX:
  • - For new customers who do not have a SMART TAX card, form must be filled out for card activation, In the case of individuals the documents that must be accompanied by the application must include proof of identity, Family note, passport or etc ...For enterprise or company customers must have company documents such as enterprise registration, tax registration and other documents.
  • - For customers have SMART TAX Can bring card instant refill without document.
  • 2. Payments through tax returns: Customers can use service on APB conuter service within notify invoice Tax.
  • Car payment Kolao Company (Lanexang Leasing CO.LTD):

  • Customers have to customer code from Kolao Company.
  • Road Tax:

    Currency Buying Selling
    USD 9.301 9.318
    THB 332,65 335,00
    CNY 1.444 1.454
    EUR 11.266 11.324
    VND 0,4015 0,4094
    Date: 15-01-2021 More detail »

    Bill Payment

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