APB ATM is another option for those who not convenient to come to the bank to cash withdrawal themselves. This also help the account holder not to have too much cash on hand. The ATMs provides you various services including cash withdrawals from ATM 24 hours, you can also make money transfers, balance inquiry, mini statement for last 5 transactions and etc. in the near future you will also be able to use our ATM to pay for electricity, water supply and others...


  • Save time and money.
  • Convenient withdrawal process from ATM near you.
  • Can make transfer quickly and secure without any service fee.
  • Able to utilize APB ATM country wide 24 hour.
  • An ATM card can be used for three currencies.
  • ATM Withdrawal and usage Allowance:

    With APB’s ATM you can withdraw maximum per day is:
  • LAK 10,000,000 per day and maximum 2,000,000 per times.
  • For account in other currency than Lao Kip, when withdraw you will received in Lao kip converted by daily exchange rate.
  • Transfer via APB’s ATM:

  • For Lao Kip, maximum transfer value is 120,000,000 LAK per account per times.
  • For Lao kip able to transfer 150,000,000 LAK per account per day.
  • For USD able to transfer 10,000 USD per account per day.
  • For THB able to transfer 300,000 THB per account per day.
  • Type of Account eligible for ATM:

  • The following account is eligible to issue ATM: Saving account and Current Account.
  • APB’s ATM can withdraw in Lao kip only, for USD and THB when withdraw you will received in Lao kip converted by daily exchange rate.
  • Condition to utilize ATM:

  • Must have saving account or current account with APB
  • Document required: ID card or passport or Household Registration Book
  • Remark:

  • For saving account, minimum balance must be maintained: 50,000 LAK, 20 USD and 500 THB.
  • For Current account, minimum balance must be maintained: 100,000 LAK, 50 USD and 1,000 THB.
  • Currency Buying Selling
    USD 21,337 21,473
    THB 659.90 666.50
    CNY 3,009 3,064
    EUR 22,911 23,135
    VND 0.82 0.83
    Date: 28-05-2024 More detail »

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