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Credit: Group Loans
  1. Group Loan Purpose
Group loan is a loan for farmers who produce and serve their own families like irrigation rice planting, seasonal rice planting, crop planting, animal raising and etc.
  1. Qualification of group borrower
  • Lao national, 18 to 65 years and have their own family
  • Member of group loan registered as resident in the same village.
  • Possess productive area and with at least 1 year production record
  • He must be dedicated, and have insufficient fund to input
  • Good mental health, without record of involvement in  drugs and gambling
  • He must not have any record of any violation of law
  • Possess a group member application form and organize group member from 5-10 under the supervision of village and group member.
  1. Loan amount, Term of repayment, interest rate and charges.
  • Maximum loan of 10 million Kip for each group member Loan to be repaid in 12 months maximum(based on the loan purpose)
  • Interest rate from 8%-13% per year
  • Service charge of 0.5% of the approved loan amount
  • Interest rate and charges may be changed from time to time
  1. Borrowermust present the following documents
  • Proposal letter from chief of village addressed to APB branch closest to the Borrower’s residence
  • Loan application form provided by APB
  • Certificate of Residence, Copy of ID, and copy of registered book of residence
  • 2 pieces of 3x4 photos